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How often should Fishbon be producing Mainstage Events?

By Mainstage events, I mean large scale parties that incorporate interactive environments, dancing, performance (this could include dance and theatre pieces), and decor. They could take place in the street or at other larger venues and the total number of participants could be as many as 1000. They take at least 2 months to develop and build and usually consume major resources. What do you all think? Do you get burned out after one and need a 6 month downtime? Could you work on 4 per year?

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I'll weigh in on this one. Mainstage events take a lot of time to produce--between initial concept, letting it percolate, prototyping, organizing, building and rehearsing. Unless you have abundant free time, you can only be a major player in 1 or 2 a year. But that is squandering an opportunity to keep the creative momentum flowing. In the past every event has drawn on the combined resources of Fishbon. What about multiple crews who work on events in different combinations? Not everyone needs to work on every event. That way we have more events, more energy, different styles--even guest production crews from other places (LA, Ojai, SF, San Luis, etc.). We could even build an infrastructure for cross-pollination.
Four. 3 for sure.
Four would be cool. One for each season gets the energy of the cycle. I think it's possible as long as it doesn't fall to the same crew for each one.
I also like the idea of 4 and yes it would need aleast two diffenet crews that work on alternating shows and productions that we could take around and perform
Springtime would be the one I would support the least, depending on the content. To me it seems sacred and at the same time cruel, and therefore profound, Should we be pissing around with that?
I think four is a great number. I also think the Operas should be at the very beginning of the evening.
2 good ones and maybe 3. I think 4 freaks me out.
Im pretty sure that this is the wrongevent catagory but I am all about painting the ceiling of the Pescadrome black. Throw gum at me, snicker, do what you wish but it would create at feeling of infinity, and deinstitutionalize the upper area. Check out any club, black ceilings.
Actually, Dom and Jon and crew painted it black for New Year's in the main room. Makes a major difference.
They got the walls mostly done too.
3 or 4 a year is awesome, its the themes that pull emotion, and emotions can be draining. Its better to have all hands strong and sound. Fishbon rocks it every time, so whether it is 1 show/party or 4, it will be amazing.


Hey Larry,

That's what I was thinking, but maybe with two different event crews so nobody gets burned out. BTW, thanks for the sweet Fishmas video. The shotgun mic worked really well.




Mission and Purpose

Fishbon’s Purpose:
Fishbon's purpose is to provide a forum, education and support for creative collaboration, mentorship and the visceral experience of visual, aural and performance-based art.  It is also to provide exhibition media for the artists and their art forms.

Fishbon’s Mission:
Fishbon's mission is to encourage collaboration between artists, technologists, writers, designers, performers and participants to create unique, real-time, compelling aesthetic experiences that speak to contemporary audiences.  Fishbon believes the synergy (sharings of perspectives and skills) made possible in a collaborative space creates a unique and special context for art.  By providing context, physical infrastructure, tools, mentoring support and encouragement for creative collaboration, Fishbon is an experiential incubator for emerging cooperative working models.  Much more about the process experience than final product, Fishbon creates a diverse "interactive" learning community that would be difficult to achieve in isolated individual working environments.

Fishbon is a 501 (c) (3) arts organization


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