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I have loads, here's a few.

Time for a new color scheme!  It's been through several over the years, lots of red and black.  Perhaps something completely different?  Say, yellow?  White, even?  Or maybe geometric black and white, or stripes of some sort, seeing as the beast is already on a convergent evolutionary path with the lionfish (fins, tail, spines, venom...)

Power: the beast needs a lot of auxiliary electricity, mainly for lights, that's been provided by a gas generator in the past.  It's be sweet to get an alt-energy source in there.  Over the last year I've been been fiddling with a wind generator design, thinking vaguely it would be good in Black Rock -- maybe it belongs on the bar.  If anyone's interested or has experience with the concept let me know.  And then there's solar -- not as interesting to my mind, but maybe easier.

But! an old fashioned gas genny is still required for at least the crane winch.  We must create a generator containment system with sound baffling and exhaust venting.  The loud and noxious farting of the genny has always been the single most unpleasant thing about the barcar experience.

Shocks and springs: always an issue.  Need to at least check and tune the existing ones, maybe replace.  Heavier the duty, bigger the booty.

Sound: well, naturally.  Soundsystems have constantly mutated and been cannibalized and recreated in different forms, it'd be nice to have one solid thing we could count on.  I look forward to seeing what kind of remnants are still on board.  Anyone has speakers, amps, specially twelve-volt car amps, I'd love to know.

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What I have to offer is solar panels, batteries and other needed equipment at whole sale price and expert advise on the subject (I have lived using solar energy for 15 years. it's my husband's field and business), at whole sale prices; two speakers that are about three feet tall, 200 amps 2 way, and an amplifier, not 12 volts though.
I also have some 12 volt string lights



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I have loads, here's a few.Time for a new color scheme!  It's been through several over the years, lots of red and black.  Perhaps something completely different?  Say, yellow?  White, even?  Or…Continue

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