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So far we've thrown about:


The Glade

The Wood Works

The Enchanted Forest

Gladed Perception

The Forest of Indetermination



But we aren't happy with any of them. Help us brainstorm a name!!





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The Charmed Woodland

The Wiley Woods

The Groovy Grove

The Groovy Glade

The Forest of Rapture

Wooden Boneyard

Christmas Graveyard

The Forest On The Edge Of The Universe

The Forest At The End Of The Universe

The Thicket Of Allurement

The Alluring Forest

Where Trees Go To Die

"Got Trees?"

"Got Roots?"

Before There Was Playa

The Playas Got Roots!

Various Glades of Perfection

Gilgamesh's Glade

A Forest Without Shade

Shaded Perception

The Shaded Glade of Perception

Forest of the Mind
Mind The Forest

Mind That Forest

Enchantment, For Rest

The Nameless Forest

The Unnamed Forest

The Forrest At The End Of The Playa



ok thats all I got...


...for now-



Thanks for all of these... very inspiring!

boom cocoon


thicket of light

the moonflower woods

the vespertine garden*


"the still waters of the water under a frond of stars, the still waters of your mouth under a thicket of kisses" - Federico Garcia Lorca


good work jonah!





just kidding...


Trial of the Trees?

Glade of Trials?

The Woods of Intent?


I'm gonna think about it more

The Project Has a Name!!!!!!



Walkabout Woods



Mission and Purpose

Fishbon’s Purpose:
Fishbon's purpose is to provide a forum, education and support for creative collaboration, mentorship and the visceral experience of visual, aural and performance-based art.  It is also to provide exhibition media for the artists and their art forms.

Fishbon’s Mission:
Fishbon's mission is to encourage collaboration between artists, technologists, writers, designers, performers and participants to create unique, real-time, compelling aesthetic experiences that speak to contemporary audiences.  Fishbon believes the synergy (sharings of perspectives and skills) made possible in a collaborative space creates a unique and special context for art.  By providing context, physical infrastructure, tools, mentoring support and encouragement for creative collaboration, Fishbon is an experiential incubator for emerging cooperative working models.  Much more about the process experience than final product, Fishbon creates a diverse "interactive" learning community that would be difficult to achieve in isolated individual working environments.

Fishbon is a 501 (c) (3) arts organization

Discussion Forum

Social Networking

So I'm racking my brain trying to find effective ways to expand the social networks of Walkabout Woods. These social networks will be very important in generating funds for the project and communicating updates and just promoting overall awareness…Continue

Started by Jonah Haas Mar 12, 2011.


So far we've thrown about: The GladeThe Wood WorksThe Enchanted ForestGladed PerceptionThe Forest of Indetermination  But we aren't happy with any of them. Help us brainstorm a name!! jonah  Continue

Started by Jonah Haas. Last reply by Jonah Haas Mar 10, 2011.

Philosophical Statement

Below is the philosophical statement submitted as part of our burning man grant application:  The timeless trip through the Enchanted Forest is an age-old rite of passage that has recurred throughout many of our favorite myths and stories. Think of…Continue

Started by Jonah Haas Feb 18, 2011.

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