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Fishbon is a collaborative, experimental collective. We encourage prototyping of new approaches to art, performance, environment, music, electronic media and costume. To propose a project first become a member of the site (it's free), write a brief description with space requirements, timing, budget (if you require assistance from Fishbon) and post it in the comment box below. The box accepts rich media so, if you have photos upload them by clicking on the camera icon. Videos hosted on sites like YouTube and Vimeo can be added by pasting the "embed code" into he box. For info on uploading video to Vimeo, check out the tutorial.


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Comment by Darin Selby on January 14, 2012 at 6:11pm
"Let's Take an Elegant Foldable Chariot to BM2012!" 
My contact info:  808-419-8421 

And here is my latest design plan for building a Sk8boardhopper.  It may look strange at first glance, yet this is a true 'land plane' that uses a fraction of the energy necessary to transport the same amount of weight!  

This latest Chariot design will also fold-up, to become a flatbed trailer and carry all of the gear to Burningman 2012!  

Comment by Misa Kelly on April 22, 2011 at 11:54am

SB-ADaPT (A Dance and Physical Theater) Festival

Emerging Genre Installation - A Benefit For Fishbon

Artists from Vienna, Istanbul, New York, Santa Barbara & Oceanside collaborate with the Fishbon community to create an installation which encorporates film, installation, visual art, music, aerial arts, performance art & dance - grand and festive gala opening for SonneBlauma's 1st Bi-Annual Festival hosted by Fishbon.  The intent of the energy of this event is to move in harmony with Fishbon's vision quest and to shape the space in a way to move it forwards in manifesting its dream.   An example of this is purchasing and donating $1,000 worth of covering for the main room and the stage that will make the space a danceable surface, hanging out to help with current organizational tasks, being as present as possible in the Fishbon space.   The "Stagestep" surface is great for any form of movement art and can be rolled and stored when desired- or - in that it is reversible, one side could be down when everyday traffic is going on and it could be flipped over for dance events.


Event Dates!

Date: June 16th

Time: 7:00 pm

Cost: $50 - space limited to 35

There will be a private dress rehearsal on June 15th in which other Festival Participants will be attending.  In all, 5 countries, 23 Cities & 30 +Artists/Companies will be present in Santa Barbara to teach master classes, share work at Fishbon, Center Stage Theater and Open Spaces (Paseo Nuevo Mall, Storke Placita, East Beach) and Fishbon is ground zero for the big beginning of it all!

Comment by Nigel Dandridge-Perry on February 4, 2011 at 11:35am

I am proposing a project for which we all can create some of that 'rich media' and want to invite anyone to join and participate.   At Performance group on Thursday we discussed several ideas for projects from very large longer term developments to bizarre puppet show type or Kabuki inspired themes.  

I proposed a multi media project with the core being a set of poems  These would be complemented or interpreted by dancers doing their own choreography.  There would be several "scenes" or acts These would each reflect upon the human condition.  I am putting out a call for dancers, costumers, painters, video and musicians to get involved with this in a collaboration that can grow to fit the talent that becomes involved.  

This endeavour would need the performance space at Pescadrome on occasions  Later it would be nice to head for a city venue  That would be interesting.



Mission and Purpose

Fishbon’s Purpose:
Fishbon's purpose is to provide a forum, education and support for creative collaboration, mentorship and the visceral experience of visual, aural and performance-based art.  It is also to provide exhibition media for the artists and their art forms.

Fishbon’s Mission:
Fishbon's mission is to encourage collaboration between artists, technologists, writers, designers, performers and participants to create unique, real-time, compelling aesthetic experiences that speak to contemporary audiences.  Fishbon believes the synergy (sharings of perspectives and skills) made possible in a collaborative space creates a unique and special context for art.  By providing context, physical infrastructure, tools, mentoring support and encouragement for creative collaboration, Fishbon is an experiential incubator for emerging cooperative working models.  Much more about the process experience than final product, Fishbon creates a diverse "interactive" learning community that would be difficult to achieve in isolated individual working environments.

Fishbon is a 501 (c) (3) arts organization


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