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Artist musician is looking for housing!

Local woman seeking long term housing.
I am a professional, non-smoker, no pets, seeking a quiet place of my own, near a bus. 
-1 bedroom $1600
-2 bedroom house or apartment $ 2050    (for one person, second bedroom is for office space, music or yoga)
I would consider a houseshare, (non smoking, non drinking) or large studio.
Interests include, the healing arts, music, dance, writing, photography, painting, theater, hiiking, ocean…

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Formation of a Political Party for Artists, Musicians and Inventors +

Dear Friends,

I am working on creating a political party called the AMI_CI Party which stands for Artists, Musicians, Inventors and other Creative Individuals. (Italian: AMICI = Friends).

You can see my website here:



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Greetings from the Wennergren’s and book launch news!

It was great to have a chance to reconnect with many of you at Lucidity.  Fishbon adds an essential consciousness raising element to the festival - - not to mention the incredible engineering/art installations! 

Here is a link to our blog post mentioning Fishbon and Lucidity:

We are so pleased to announce that we…


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Fishbon del Sur

Fishbon del Sur is an adventure in cross-cultural, bi-lingual creative play. Fishboners Clay Bodine and Laura recently moved to the charming city of Cuenca, Ecuador to begin a new international chapter of the Fishbon idea. In a little over three months, they've found and outfitted a beautiful colonial Ecuadorian house and transformed it into a center for creative exchange in the northwest corner of South America.…


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Creative Expansion Tour in Ecuador

The first month has been taxing and wonderful. After three solid weeks of looking we found what we think will be a great pace to work on new projects, but at the same time, I lost my bag with wallet, hard drives, my favorite pen and sunglasses–a big loss. Nothing is irreplaceable, but it's a major inconvenience…


Added by Clay Bodine on December 20, 2013 at 9:47am — 1 Comment

Website issue found ~ Needs fix

As a tech support oriented newbie here I thought I'd mention a website BUG found...

The main menu bar entry for

PROJECTS ~ Walk About Woods

has a bad link to


should instead be:

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Interactive balloon installation

400 interactive balloons were installed along Hadrian's Wall in the UK during the London 2012 Festival. …


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Biofeedback Art link

You can use an Arduino to make biofeedback art.

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Light and Shadow

"All the variety,, all the charm, all the beauty of life is made up of light and shadow."

Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina

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Hi there

Hi there. I am happy to be a new member of fishbon.

I am a 61 year old, carpenter, cabinetmaker, recovering hippie with a penchant for the unusual.

Sadly; I am more artisan than artist, more stage hand than actor but, I would really like to help with some outrageousness.

I would especially like to help with any project that might be going to burning man this year, art car; theme camp or art installation, performance. I didn't get a ticket ,YET, but even if I can't make it this… Continue

Added by van granaroli on February 12, 2012 at 7:44pm — 2 Comments

Raves for Fishbon Chrysalis

"Congratulations with creating such an incredible, awe inspiring, magical, transformative and utterly captivating environment @ the Pesci for New Years Eve!  You should all be very, very, very proud of yourselves and busting out of your seams.  W O W ! ! ! ! If I can find 1/2 that imagination in 2012 I'll be good to go for the rest of my life.

Congrats, congrats, congrats."

Misa Kelly

When Jon returned his costume to Victorian Vogue woman working there said our…


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BM project

Can NE body get down w/ this project? OK Hey this my idea Phish Boners;) Mike Moony Ham inspired this idea. I really need golf carts 4 my project.... Im doing a pac man theme. I need a minimum 3 art cars. Im dressing 1 up as pac man & the rest as ghosts. the ghost will chase Pac man by day & then light up, flashing different colors @ night ,& Pac man will get his chance @ chase all night. feel I could put on a shrowed that wont damage the golf carts 2 much. I really have a tight…


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Working it Working it Working it - Extravagana around the corner and Fishbon will be GROUND ZERO


Ground Zero = FISHBON BENEFIT (love the Ground Zero idea Clay!)


Just around the corner.


Working it, working it, working it...with a to do list that seems to only grow longer by the hour the Fest plans are going well.  Still seeking housing for artists! …


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Lifeways and Dreamscapes

Check it out!

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10 Amazing Lessons from Albert Einstein:


Follow Your Curiosity

“I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.”

What piques your curiosity? I am curious as to what causes one person to succeed while another person fails; this is why I’ve spent years studying success. What are you most curious about? The pursuit of your curiosity is the secret to your success.

2) Perseverance is Priceless

“It's not that I'm so smart; it's just that I stay… Continue

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Burning Man Dream Project

Dear Friends and Dreamers,

I am organizing a project called the Burning Man Dream Project. Quite simply, I am interested in how people are dreaming about Burning Man. I am therefore collecting accounts of peoples’ Burning Man…


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Car pooling on Saturday!

Hello twisted Villagers,
We are excited to see everybody this Saturday at 6pm for the Twisted Village experience. The event will start at 435 E. Pedregosa and parking is limited on this street. We like to offer this blog as a discussion board to connect carpoolers to each other. Just post and respond, and don't forget to leave your phone number or contact. Please consider sharing taxi caps at the end of the night or to transport you to the Pescadrom after party.

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File this under fund raising'''

How to get Kidnapped in France, Adventure.

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Mission and Purpose

Fishbon’s Purpose:
Fishbon's purpose is to provide a forum, education and support for creative collaboration, mentorship and the visceral experience of visual, aural and performance-based art.  It is also to provide exhibition media for the artists and their art forms.

Fishbon’s Mission:
Fishbon's mission is to encourage collaboration between artists, technologists, writers, designers, performers and participants to create unique, real-time, compelling aesthetic experiences that speak to contemporary audiences.  Fishbon believes the synergy (sharings of perspectives and skills) made possible in a collaborative space creates a unique and special context for art.  By providing context, physical infrastructure, tools, mentoring support and encouragement for creative collaboration, Fishbon is an experiential incubator for emerging cooperative working models.  Much more about the process experience than final product, Fishbon creates a diverse "interactive" learning community that would be difficult to achieve in isolated individual working environments.

Fishbon is a 501 (c) (3) arts organization


Ventura Art Walk

Ventura is doing another big summer art walk event. All local artists are invited to participate. Any help  with attracting more art buying people to our area of the world is great.Art Walk is the Main Event - fun collaboration with PODs this…Continue

Started by Mitra Cline in Inspiration May 27, 2013.

Science daily-- how to keep muscle strong

Discussion of nutrients that maintain muscle mass. Trying to add link but challenged...

Tags: do, you, what, love, &

Started by Susan Attaway in Project Ideas Jan 19, 2013.

Anyone interested in creating or reviving and art car this year? 6 Replies

I havent experienced the bar car, but is that an option? Is my trailer around still? If we are going to Burning man, seems silly to step down from the glories of transporation to a bike. Maybe we could pimp out the coffin car,(is it up on the hill?)…Continue


Started by Tracy Beeler in Project Ideas. Last reply by Nancy Mar 20, 2012.

Intro for a television show for SBCC

Hi everyone.  Below is a copy of a message I posted yesterday on our Facebook page, along with a link to a sample of what I'm doing.  Thanks for taking a peek at this...Good evening, everyone. I'm still learning how this process works, I sent Clay a…Continue

Started by Ryan Quinn in Project Ideas Feb 12, 2012.

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